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OnX Golf Indoor PGA Tour Simulators 

OnX Indoor Golf Roseland

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OnX Golf is northern New Jersey's Premier Indoor Golf Facility! We are a perfect destination for the golfer looking to improve their game, or get their weekly round in. Experience indoor golf like never before on one of our aboutGolf PGA Tour Simulators. They are the most accurate commercially available Simulators in the world.


Choose from over 53 courses, including 50 world-renowned venues, as well as custom-designed and fantasy courses. Practice shots on three different driving range venues and practice all the shots from long fairway to long/greenside bunkers, 40-yard chip shots and long, short or breaking putts. You'll be amazed at the realism and feedback that you get on every shot.

Playing golf courses on one of our Simulators allows you the ability to:

  • Play a round of golf in less than an hour – Maximize your time. Allow for about 50 minutes per person to play 18 holes (3.5 hours per foursome).

  • Play in a comfort-controlled environment – Plan your tee times and know that your game is on.

  • Level the playing field – Simulators allow for golfers of all differnt levels to play competitively. Tee boxes are available at Black, Blue, Gold, White, Red and Junior distances.

  • Hit real golf balls and play all the shots in your bag – The Simulator can accurately determine whether you hit the ball on the screws, sliced it, drew it, or even hit it fat and "chunked one".

  • Customize your round – We can set up Simulators for stroke or match play, control weather conditions, change pin placements, allow for auto-drop locations, change camera views, select gimmies at specified lengths and even activate the mulligan option (for those willing to give fellow players a do-over).

Practicing on a PGA Tour Simulator allows you to:

  • Practice with a purpose – Practice hitting all types of shots from putts to chips to drives and get immediate feedback on each shot.

  • Get feedback that counts – Simulators can display Total Yards, Yards of Carry, Launch Angle and Club Speed, plus whether you hit a slice, draw, push, pull or straight down the middle.

  • Capture all your shots – We capture all the shot statistics and display them in a variety of ways, which allows you to compare every shot taken.

  • Display, compare & contrast – Display all the shots in a table view, which will allow you to list, compare and track what your shot tendencies are.

  • Get Better Faster – When you can see what your tendencies are, you can better understand how to fix them. And, of course, we have staff available to help all of our patrons. Just ask!

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