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Summer Camp Flyer 2023

We are a weatherproof Golf Camp

OnX Golf Academy is hosted in our indoor golf facility where we combine hands-on teaching with state-of-the-art simulator technology.  Our week-long 8-week golf program has been customized and designed to make learning and playing golf fun. Each week begins with instruction followed by practice time and games.   With a focus on fundamental golf skills (including full swing, chipping, pitching, putting, rules and etiquette) and an emphasis on safety and FUN, our students begin to develop the skills necessary to enjoy and love this challenging lifetime sport.


A Camp Experience Like No Other

Why should you choose OnXGolf and Essex Golf Camp or your child's camp experience? Here is why. Learning golf is about the concepts of the game, not just the content. The concepts we teach are specifically chosen to simplify the game and to personalize the camp to each golfer for understanding their game to a higher degree. At camp we ensure a safe, fun, and structured environment with a friendly competitive atmosphere so that they can enjoy golf for years to come and continually grow their game.


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