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State of the art teaching tools

Essex Golf Center is home to the New Jersey Golf Academy. Led by his staff of highly qualified PGA teaching professionals, we offer a wide range of golf services that include individual golf lessons, group instruction and clinics, junior golf programs, corporate events, club fitting, and golf-specific fitness, among others.


Golfers at the New Jersey Golf Academy have an opportunity to improve in all aspects of their game both indoors and outdoors in a tour pro-environment. Our state-of-the-art technology includes devices such as Trackman, Sam PuttLab, allowing students to experience what has previously only been available to the best players in the world.


The staff of highly qualified teaching professionals have designed unique programs tailored to fit the needs of all ages and levels of golfers. Please call us at your convenience or stop by our location to speak to one of our trained professionals and learn more about the programs that we have to offer.



SAM PuttLab is a state-of-the-art putting device measuring the most critical information of the putter. SAM is an acronym for Science and Motion consisting of ultrasound sensory analysis measurements that can detect the slightest deficiencies in the stroke. This device analyzes the 28 most important parameters of your putting stroke and displays the information in easy reading graphic reports.


This gives the player instant feedback and will identify the player's strengths and weaknesses to promote more effective and efficient training.The New Jersey Golf Academy is proud to call the Essex Golf Center its home. The NJGA is partnered with the Golf Channel Academy, and is a one-stop shop for all a golfer needs to train like a tour pro. We offer our clients a 50-stall lighted driving range, with heated bays for winter practice; a short-game area complete with areas for pitching, chipping, and bunker practice; and a large putting green.


The NJGA also offers a full suite of year-round indoor practice facilities. Between three TruGolf simulators, additional hitting bays, a fitness area, and all of the technology you could ever want, the NJ Golf Academy is fully equipped for any year-round golf enthusiast.

We have put together a group of premier instructors that would ordinarily only be found at private country clubs or advising tour pros. Led by Director of Instruction Jason Birnbaum, our instructors can teach students at any age or ability level, and make them better golfers in a fun and enjoyable environment


Trackman technology is revolutionizing golf instruction. It has become the industry's gold standard and is being used by the top players and coaches around the world. Trackman is the leader in ball flight and club data measurements, and is teaching golfers the "new ball flight laws." Simply put, Trackman measures every single thing that takes place during the one-billionth of a second that the golf ball and clubhead are in contact at impact, something even the best high speed cameras in the world can't detect. There are huge advantages to any golfer that has access to thisSimply put, the New Jersey Golf Academy is the destination for premier instruction and training in New Jersey.

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